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Well after selection onto the British Squad it wasn't long before Andrew Armstrong from our neighbouring Dojo Ojika and myself (Jon Meikle) had to pack our bags and jump on a plane over to Andorra to compete against the best Europe has to offer.

The best European Iaidoka at the opening ceremony

The British squad met up at two airports, Luton and Gatwick, on the morning of 5th October, with great excitement/apprehension in order to catch the flight to Barcelona. Probably more apprehension on Andrew's behalf as this was his first time on a plane! Of course plenty of jibes thus followed about the likelihood of wings/engines falling off during the flight just to reassure him :-p.

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A few months ago I received a call from a woman calling herself Christine enquiring about Iaido. After several years (well it felt like that) on the phone I gleaned that Christine and a few of her fellow Ju Jitsu colleagues had had some Iai training but felt they needed more.

So at my peril, I invited Chris down to Durham to have a chat and the rest, as they say, is history.

Training at Sunderland Dojo 1

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Stevenage Summer Seminar August 2011


Koryu Taikai:

Owen Wilson - 1st Dan - Finalist

Danni Jorgenson - 1st Dan - Finalist

Jack James - 2nd Dan - Gold

Jon Meikle - 3rd Dan - Finalist



Eddie Hodgson - 1st Dan

Danni Jorgenson - 2nd Dan

Owne Wilson - 2nd Dan

Jack James - 3rd Dan

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Well, well, well, here we go again! The Northern Alliance march southwards once again.

But first ... the preable.

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British National Tai Kai - Stevenage July 2011


Individual event:

Lee Mountain - 5th Dan - Bronze

Phil Henderson - 4th Dan - Bronze

Jon Meikle - 3rd Dan - Silver


Team event:

Lee Mountain - Bronze

Phil Henderson - Bronze


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